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Truth in Advertising

If we really said what we meant in our marketing, it might look a little like this video, wouldn’t it? Blunt. Simple. True.

But what if we really did speak the truth about our company or organization without a lot of fluff and bogus posturing that so many think adds up to good marketing? Well, it actually works.

Are you a start-up with big goals? A developer who hasn’t put a spade in the ground yet? A one-man business trying to look like a conglomerate? Don’t tell us about things you haven’t done or what you want to be; instead, tell us who you really are, what you bring, and share your vision. Don’t lie. Don’t talk about it like it’s already happened – your clients will know the difference.

What you say and how you depict your business or organization should really match what happens on the ground. And social media and online reviews are the bellwether to see if you’re doing it right — cuz if you ain’t, folks can tell the world all about it right under your nose.

Contact me if I can help tell your story … “or don’t, I don’t care,” as the man from Cullman Liquidation said.

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