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When the folks at New Braunfels Utilities approached and asked if I’d work with Circle Arts Theatre on an educational video about NBU’s SafeHaven program, I jumped at the chance.

The SafeHaven program is an outreach to educate New Braunfels area kids to know that if they run into any trouble they can always reach out to a New Braunfels Utilities worker for help.

Roberta Elliott with Circle Arts wrote the video script and did all of the blocking and rehearsals with an awesome group of kids. We shot near the water treatment plant in New Braunfels so we would have a safe and secure location.

The actors were super! They knew their lines (half the battle), brought lots of enthusiasm and were incredibly professional in enduring multiple takes in the Texas heat.

And the fun part was getting creative with the short “dream sequences” of the various scenarios kids might run into – everything from dinosaurs and aliens to strangers or just getting lost.

The result is a hoot and a piece that NBU is able to play in area schools as a way to discuss staying safe in the community.

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