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New Web Marketing Campaign for

I so enjoyed working with the folks at Biggadike & Associates Landscape Lighting Designs of New Braunfels on their new website, video and marketing campaign at

This company has a 40-year track record of top-notch sales and service and they are industry leaders in landscape lighting. Good web marketing for these folks is not about doing anything fancy, but a simple matter of reflecting the company’s skills and values in their website and on-site SEO strategy.

We built a mobile-optimized site so it is readable on tablets and smartphones, listed them with Google, Yahoo! and Bing, and wrote clean, keyword-rich site and SEO copy. We’re giving Google what they want, the site has a good feel and reflects the company well, and they have a long-term strategy.

Front-and-center are the results of their work – a site-top slider of before-and-after photos of some of their eye-catching lighting projects. And we also produced a testimonial video letting others tell the company story (click the video window below).

An honor to work with this team!


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