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DIY Videos!

With now ranked second behind Google as a search engine and so many looking for how-to advice there, creative Do-It-Yourself videos are a great way to show your expertise and garner attention on the web.

My friend Ami Feller with Feller Roofing of New Braunfels has earned lots of attention from this instructional video we produced showing how to replace a pipe boot on a roof (see above) – with some 13,000 views in just a few months.

Social media has completely flipped the script on us. Where intrusive ads were once something we tolerated while awaiting the next segment on our favorite TV show or an annoyance between songs on the radio, social media marketing is all about putting the control in the consumer’s hands. As consumers, we choose the brands we “like” and “follow” and marketers earn the consumer’s permission to talk with them by adding value, teaching them, or entertaining them. And DIY is a great way to do just that.

If you’d like to show off your expertise to your clients and would-be clients, give a shout and we’ll help you out. Blooper reel at no additional charge!

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