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30-second Commercials – The Haiku of Advertising

In our digitally-distracted world, it’s impossible to hold someone’s attention for long at all. And that’s where the 30-second commercial format works so well.

Just like a Japanese haiku, whose very structure makes the poet choose his words so carefully, limiting your marketing pitch to 30 seconds is a great way to refine your message and make it punchy.

In this 30-second spot for Top Notch Truck and Trailer of New Braunfels (click window below), I shot for half a day and had loads of footage, including good drone fly-overs from my friend Michael at Kestrel Views. And while a lot ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor (remember cutting room floors?), by limiting ourselves to 30 seconds we got it down to the best bits and told an eye-catching story about this dynamic business.

So whether you’re flying your commercial on local TV or on YouTube, let’s make it short and sweet.

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